Herberia is a pharmaceutical company providing solutions for people that want to use high quality herbal medicinal products to stay healthy. Our medicines are natural products based on long experience as well as scientific evidence and are approved by European health authorities.

We develop and produce reliable herbal medicines according to the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry. In our pipelines are medicines for treatment of mild common symptoms and ailments, such as recurrent lower urinary tract infections, of spasmodic gastrointestinal complaints, the relief of temporary mental exhaustion or stress. Our products will be sold in pharmacies and are available without a prescription.

Herbal medicines are products that bridge the gap between unregistered and uncontrolled herbal remedies and conventional medicines. Our aim is to use the best of both; standardized active herbal ingredients combined with quality and safety requirements from the pharmaceutical industry.

The founders are three pharmacists who all share a common passion for increasing professionalism and quality within the herbal medicine industry.

We offer natural solutions for people who demand quality, safety and efficacy in their quest for improved health.